Welcome to the Jeff Coston Golf Academy: Home of excellence. To play the golf of your dreams you must learn from an excellent coach. An excellent coach first has excellent information and experience. Secondly, they have passion, conviction and wonderful communication skills. This coach/teacher needs to express his information in a simple practical manner. Finally, it should be fun! Jeff has not only taught the game of golf but he has played it for a living. Jeff has seen the best of both worlds and understands how to help you. He will not only improve your swing mechanics, but help you shoot lower scores. Learn from one of the nation’s top 100 golf instructors, Jeff Coston.

Jeff can answer such questions as:

  • How do I go from a 15 handicap to a 9?
  • How do I practice properly to make the most of my limited time?
  • What is a mental and physical routine?
  • What is an on-plane athletic golf swing?
  • How can I play better on the course and in tournaments?

Things we do at the Jeff Coston Golf Academy:

  • Understand and simplify your swing technique and scoring approach
  • Practical drills and techniques to improve your mechanics
  • Hit golf shots not just make golf swings, especially on the course
  • Make a dynamic plan and strategy to get better and reach your goals
  • Focus on the total golf game, not only one area

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5 Questions with Mike Adams, 2016 World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee


Jeff Coston interviews his long-time friend and recent inductee into the Wold Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, Mike Adams.
Question 1:  You have just been inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame. (Coston say's you have been in his hall of fame for decades!) Tell us about that evening and how you feel about that.

Mike Adams: Getting Inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame was a fantastic evening. Never when I started teaching did I imagine that I would be honored in this manner. My Induction Class of Butch Harmon, Chuck Cook, Jim Hardy, and Jim McLean was incredible. The gathering of 250 people to help us celebrate that memorable evening was beyond belief. I have been totally blessed, I get to do do something I truly love to do and get paid to do it.
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